Room-scale Magnetoquasistatic Wireless Power Transfer Using a Cavity-Based Multimode Resonator

Takuya Sasatani, Alanson Sample and Yoshihiro Kawahara

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Magnetoquasistatic wireless power transfer can be used to charge and power electronic devices such as smartphones and small home appliances. However, existing coil-based transmitters, which are composed of wire conductors, have a limited range. Here we show that multimode quasistatic cavity resonance can provide room-scale wireless power transfer. The approach uses multidirectional, widely distributed currents on conductive surfaces that are placed around the target volume. It generates multiple, mutually unique, three-dimensional magnetic field patterns, where each pattern is attributed to different eigenmodes of a single room-scale resonator. Using these modes together, a power delivery efficiency exceeding 37.1% can be achieved throughout a 3 m × 3 m × 2 m test room. With this approach, power exceeding 50 W could potentially be delivered to mobile receivers in accordance with safety guidelines.